Borderlands Guide 3: tips and tricks to consider when playing

With Borderlands 3 now available, millions of fans of the series will plunder and joke, move from planet to planet, shoot thugs and collect exorbitant amounts of weapons and equipment along the way. For many, Borderlands 3 will be an expected return to the madness and color of the Gearbox franchise, while for others, it will be their first foray into the series. However, no matter which side you are in, we have compiled some basic tips for beginners that will surely help you get started. Without further ado, let’s go straight to them.


Borderlands 3 constantly floods players with a stream of cool, fresh loot, and you’ll obviously want to get it back as soon as you see it, it’s a plunderer shooter, after all. This means that your backpack will fill up quickly enough, at least initially, which means you may not have enough space to collect the future loot. The solution? First, make sure to get the SDU from the backpack to get extra space in your inventory.


You can miss surprisingly fast ammo in Borderlands 3, especially during game-opening hours, and needless to say that this is a problem you want to avoid. Then, once you have updated your backpack, you will want to get the SDU ammo stock, and then at least the first level, so that ammunition shortage issues are a little less irritating.



Obtaining ammunition stockpiles is not the only way to solve ammunition problems right from the beginning of Borderlands 3. There are six different types of weapons in the game and each obviously uses a different type of ammunition. Make sure that when you go out into the field, you equip different types of weapons. Do not repeat, you may like two or three weapons of the same type, but all will consume ammunition from the same group, which you should avoid.


You will meet more than a few enemies in Borderlands 3 who will be equipped with shields or who will have only protection bars. Fortunately, the game contains weapons specifically designed to give you an edge against such enemies. Make sure you always have weapons that can destroy the shields, because they can allow enemies with shields to work quickly enough, even if you are a little lower.


Elemental weapons have always played an important role in border fighting, which is no different in Borderlands 3. Veterans of the series do not need to know it, it’s advice. Solid: Always keep an eye on the elemental weapon to use against certain enemies. Enemies with shields have blue health bars and are weak at shock attacks, armored enemies have yellow health bars and are not aggressive corrosive attacks, while enemies with red health bars suffer low incendiary damage. Cryogenic attacks slow down enemies, while radiation attacks cause damage over time and also spread from one enemy to another in the neighborhood as contagion. Intelligent use of elemental attacks can change the course of a shootout in Borderlands 3.



There will be times when the enemies will fall in a loop, but they will leave them in inaccessible places where you simply will not be able to go. But do not worry, it does not mean that loot is lost forever. The loot you lose in this way is transferred to the lost items machine in the Sanctuary for you to retrieve. However, keep in mind that the Lost Object Machine has an upper limit for the amount of loot that you can store. Therefore, continue to check it regularly and you can also invest from the beginning in the SDU to increase your capacity.



Death at Borderlands 3 is not easy. When you lose all your health, instead of exhausting yourself immediately, you are temporarily stunned, where you can crawl and wait for a teammate to resurrect you. However, there is another way to get back on your feet: as you fall, if you kill an enemy, you get a second wind that lifts you up again. Therefore, it is a good idea to leave some weaker enemies intact, just in case, then look for them and kill them easily in case you fall.


You can check your email by clicking the Social tab in the pause menu. It is therefore wise to check this screen regularly. Because? Well, for starters, this is where you get the rewards from the Vault Insiders program, but even if it does not concern you, there are other reasons to keep checking your email. While you continue to use weapons throughout the game and reach certain milestones with one of several weapon brands (which you will only do in the normal course of the game, most of the time), these manufacturers of arms will send you loyalty gifts. , in the form of – you guessed it – loot. The spoils they send can be pretty good too, so make sure you do not miss anything by ignoring your inbox.


Like Apex Legends, Borderlands 3 has an ingenious ping system, and even if it does not matter if you play alone, it’s a very useful system when you play in cooperative mode (especially if you play without voice chat ). The ping becomes even more subtle because it has a color code: the booty is marked in blue, the allies are marked in green and the enemies are marked in red.


Starting with the Vault Hunter of your choice means that you are subscribing to a particular class, but updating that character in the way you choose does not mean that you are restricting yourself. You can also expand your skill repertoire by using class mods. Class mods can help you improve your skills even if they have been optimized using class mods. You can enjoy the benefits of skills that you have not even unlocked. The better the changes made to the class, the more skill points they will add. In other words, class mods are a great way to strengthen your character, so do not ignore them.


Would you really be a loot booty if you did not have any challenges? Of course, Borderlands 3 presents challenges that you absolutely must watch. They will reward you with Eridium, which is an important resource in the game. The harder the challenges, the more they share Eridium. Most of these challenges are the type to overcome without getting out of your usual game, but the toughest ones, which reward Eridium more, are the ones you want to watch while you do it. More in the game