Blue alert issued for a man accused of killing the police sergeant in Nassau Bay

Blue Alert

The Texas Department of Public Security issued a blue alert for a 21-year-old man accused of killing a police sergeant in Nassau Bay.

Tavores Henderson, 21, is accused of killing police sergeant Kaila Sullivan, 43, of the Nassau Bay Police Service.

Sergeant. Sullivan was stopping a vehicle in an apartment complex in Block 2000 of the San Sebastian District around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday. The driver was wanted by a Harris County arrest warrant for assaulting a relative, police said.

While trying to stop the driver, police said the suspect had fought with the police and was able to break free, get into the vehicle and hit Sullivan as he drove away.

Henderson is described as measuring 5 feet 11 inches, 180 brown eye posts.

 Blue Alert

Anyone with information should call the Harris County Sheriff’s Office at (713) 222-8477.

Crime Stoppers Houston can pay up to $ 20,000 for the information that led to their arrest.

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