Bloomingdale Park, a woman found dead on a popular road

Bloomingdale Park, A woman was found dead on Thursday morning, police said.
A passerby saw the woman, who is reported to be white and appears to be 40 years old, lying on the floor near Maguire Avenue.

Bloomingdale Park, a woman found dead on a popular road

She had no identification on her, according to the police. A spokesman for the New York police said the woman was found fully clothed. She was declared dead by EMS rescuers, according to a spokeswoman for the New York Police and FDNY.

The coroner will determine your cause of death. The NYPD completed a section of Maguire Avenue, just a few hundred meters from Drumgoole Road West, where investigators were near the entrance to a bike path.

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The road where the woman was found leads to the playgrounds and the dog park.
A broker who spoke to Advance on Thursday morning said that the road where they found the woman was very popular.
“I run every morning,” he says.

A woman was found dead near a road in a wooded park in Staten Island on Thursday morning, police said. The unidentified woman was found at 9:30 am in the bush at Bloomingdale Park, near Drumgoole Road and Maguire Avenue in Prince’s Bay, authorities said. She was declared dead on the scene.

We do not know immediately how this woman, whose age was unknown, ended up in the park, said the police. The coroner will determine the official cause of death.