Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds would have welcomed their third child two months ago.

Congratulations to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds! The couple welcomed their third child together, but according to Us Weekly sources, this happened almost two months ago.

Few other details, such as the name or sex of the baby, were revealed, but we know that the couple waited a few months to broadcast news of their children. Reynolds revealed that his first daughter’s name was James on Today Show three months after his birth. And Us Weekly confirmed the name of his second daughter, Inez, aged 3, in December 2016, also three months after her birth.

While neither Lively nor Reynolds personally confirmed the arrival of their new song, the duo was seen Friday during a dinner at the Take Room in New York, the same day, they broke the birth information of their baby. The actor even shared a selfie of his night in which Blumps Blake, dressed in a black striped top and a gold necklace, looks at the camera in shock, while her husband smiles happily. Lively republished the photo by shouting jewelry brand Marla Aaron and adding an emoji to hot dog.

In due course, Lively’s latest pregnancy announcement was also a surprise to the fans. In May, the actress went to the premiere of Pokémon: Inspector Pikachu carrying a baby bump. She confirmed the news by posting a blatant Instagram article, subtitling a photo carousel: “PokeMOM … now available”.


The famous couple, married since 2012, rarely makes public appearances with their children, but at the end of May, a paparazzi caught a Lively who was still pregnant and took his daughters to visit Reynolds on the set. New Free Guy movie. And in 2016, James and Inez made a truly adorable presentation at their Hollywood father’s Walk of Fame ceremony.

Despite the private nature of the details of their family life, Likely and Reynolds have spoken several times about what their children meant to them.

In 2016, the actress told Marie-Claire: “All my eggs are in a basket, and it’s my family, that’s where my heart resides,” he said, adding: “C Therein lies everything that I feel more protective and that what I feel is more exposed when I feel exploited. ”

And in 2018, Reynolds spoke to Ellen DeGeneres about the ups and downs of fatherhood.

“I love him,” he shared. “I think it really made me a better person, it’s hard to be horrible, it’s difficult, it’s always a challenge, two kids, I think blinking now like little breaks all day, but it’s the dream. ” It’s the best, it’s my friends. I love “.