Bindi Irwin: My father “would have really liked” Chandler Powell

Bindi Irwin believes his late father, Steve Irwin, “would have really liked” his fiancé, Chandler Powell.

The 21-year-old environmental defender lost her father – known as the “Crocodile Hunter” – in 2006 when he was stabbed by a shagreen beard while filming a documentary. He said that even if he would not see her getting married to her fiancé Chandler, she is sure he would have liked to welcome him to the family.

In a joint interview with her friend, Weekly magazine said, “I think dad really liked Chandler, Chandler is so kind and caring, he’s here for me and my family, anyway. that’s what it’s all about, special it’s Chandler, he’s amazing because he’s always there for me at 100%, whether it’s in good time or in difficult times, he’s here for me hug when I need it or a word of encouragement when I feel depressed, special to have someone who is always in your corner.

“I think dad would like that, I think Dad would have liked Chandler so much because he’s so loyal and kind, and I’m really lucky.”

And Bindi says her relationship with 22-year-old Chandler, who started six years ago, has many similarities to her parents’ relationship.

She added, “We almost met in the same place as Mom [Terri Irwin] and Dad, Mom and Dad have the picture of their first meeting and we too, and we both have those silly little smiles.”

Chandler added, “When I was younger, I loved Steve and Terri’s documentaries, I grew up watching them, and that’s what brought me to the Australian zoo. special that life worked and brought us together. “