Billie Eilish celebrates 18 years with a home video montage

Billie Eilish celebrates her 18th birthday with a collection of personal videos from her childhood.

The singer of “Bad Guy” posted the montage on her Instagram on Tuesday night, and begins with a clip of young Eilish saying: “Hello, my name is Billie, and I will play a song that I composed on it. Guitar”.

Then there is an overwhelming cut in the images of a crowd that goes crazy during one of the many shows with sold-out Eilish tickets.

The montage also includes a series of other personal videos of Eilish and his brother, Finneas, and almost all present some instruments.

Eilish had a giant in 2019, thanks to the release of his first album, “When we fall asleep, where are we going?” with the simple “Bad Guy”, “Bury a friend”, “You should see me in a crown” and “All good girls go to hell”.

In 2020, Eilish was nominated for six Grammy Awards and launched a tour of the United States on March 9 in Miami.

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