ATM Full Form, what is the complete ATM form?

Automated Teller Machine Card

Input devices:
Card reader: The card reader reads the data (account information) from the ATM card stored on the magnetic chip on the back of your ATM card and sends it to the server for validation. Your activities (transactions) will be saved automatically without any manual intervention.

Keyboard: The keyboard lets you enter information such as the PIN code, the amount you want to withdraw, and other basic functions such as canceling, deleting, entering, and so on.

ATM rooms:
ATM contains two types of devices that allow users to easily use it.
1. Input Devices
2. Output Devices

Output devices:
Screen: Used to display account information (account holder name, available balance, etc.) as well as the actions to take to complete your transaction. Some ATMs also allow touch functionality.

Cash dispenser: This is one of the most important automated teller machines. It is used to distribute money.

Receipt Printer: Provides a receipt for your transaction containing the withdrawal amount, balance, date, time, location, etc.

Interesting Facts about ATM:

The ATM was invented by John Shepherd Barron
First ATM in the World was installed by Barclays Bank of London in the year 1967