ASAP Rocky’s Sex Tape Leak Online Yes, the rapper confirms

ASAP Rocky

An original video was transmitted with a man with tattoos similar to rapper ASAP Rocky on social networks. The video was first published in the porn aggregator PornHub on December 18.

The video is titled “Rock Hard BBC destroys Paig.” The user Teecee2k17 downloaded it. At the time of writing, the video has been viewed more than 185,000 times. While the video was playing, Teecee2k17 posted online: “I, Lmao, don’t make friends with me while you wait for more BBC. I only posted this because Google Drive deleted the original.”

ASAP Rocky, whose real name Rakim Mayers, confirmed Thursday that he was the man on the leaked sex tape. He tweeted: “MY PENIS AND I WAKE UP 2 THE DISTURBANCE OF THE ALARM OF A 2D VIDEOCLIP. Witness too much. BUT THE TRUE PUNCHLINE WILL SEE PPL THAT HAS NEVER ESCAPED IT ** ED EVALUATES. ”

The rapper, who has always been open about his sexual prowess, didn’t seem to worry about the video leaking, Rocky seems more frustrated that viewers find the tape annoying.

Eagle-eyed spectators had already released the rapper from “Babushka Boi” last night as a man from the sex video because they had admitted to noticing more than a few details in the 90 seconds of filtered sequences that seemed to identify the artist of 31-year-old hip hops clearly. Most revealing, a tattoo on the stomach of the man, which shows part of the letters that say “ASAP.”

Viewers also identified the small tattoo symbol on the man’s left hand, which is identical to Rocky’s left hand. However, the man could be someone who has tattoos similar to the rapper. As for the woman in the sex video, her identity has not been revealed.

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