Airtel customer care & Troubleshooting 24*7 in 10 languages

Airtel customer care 24*7 in 10 languages. north center: 0124 4448080, east center: 033 44448080, west center: 020 44448080, south center: 080 44448080

You can get help on using your digital tv system in many places. Airtel at all times makes sure that the Airtel configuration team gives you a good impression of the whole system. Want to know more, send an mail on [email protected]. our visit Customer Support & Troubleshooting

Reset the pin

Call at 080 – 44448080 (south) (tolled) or 020 40181400 (tolled), 0124 – 4448080 (north toll free), 020 – 44448080 (west) (toll free), 033 – 44448080 (east) (toll free), & toll free from Airtel mobile 12150 to get the pin reset.

Poor reception on a TV

There could be a problem with the wiring. Furthermore. Make sure about the cables and if the problem is still there, consult the user manual. If you still need help, contact the Customer Service number

Remote is not working

Check the battery of the remote control and if there is an obstacle between the remote control and the terminal. Moreover, The remote control and the STB light should come on every time you press a button on the remote control. If the problem persists, consult the user manual. on the other hand, If you still need assistance, contact the Customer Service number.

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