Aaron Rodgers congratulated Mike Pettine for his excellent performance

The Green Bay Packers defense was great on Thursday night and no one was happier than Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers celebrated the fact that the Packers defense defeated the Chicago Bears with a 10-3 victory, giving a boost to defensive coordinator Mike Pettine. The thrust was conducted in a congratulatory manner, demonstrating how impressed Rodgers was.


Other Packers players also recognized what Pettine had done:



Rodgers continued his approval during his interview with NBC’s Michele Tafoya after the match.

“We have a defense,” said Rodgers twice.

The Packers are no longer in the top 10 since 2010, the year of their Super Bowl victory. You can see the emotion and relief in Rodgers’ eyes of having a defense that can help them win games.



Now that their defense is adjusted, the Packers must discover their attack because it was missing Thursday night.