6 dead, including a police officer during a shooting in Jersey City; Suspects found dead in a grocery store with 3 civilians

The two suspects were also killed, as well as three civilians. Their bodies were found in a kosher store on Bayview Avenue and Martin Luther King Boulevard after an intense shooting with the police. Police first stated that he was looking for a man and a woman in the shooting.

It started around 12:45 pm at Bay View Cemetery. The sources told CBS2 that the suspects had been seen in the cemetery in a rental van. Police admitted they were wanted to be interrogated in a previous homicide, sources said. It was then that the two suspects opened fire and went to the grocery store, where a great shooting took place.

An officer was rushed to the hospital but did not survive. Three other police officers were injured, including a shot in the shoulder, according to Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop. The other two were treated by shrapnel. A civilian was also injured.

“The Jersey City Police Department has done a phenomenal job and it is a difficult day for them,” Fulop said. “It’s one of our best cops and a difficult day for the Jersey police.”

Jersey City public safety director James Shea said there was no indication that the incident was related to terrorism.

Schools in the area were blocked during the shooting. The lockout rose at 4:15 pm. Officials said all children were safe and accounted for. However, the parents were nervous.

“Very anxious. I received a call from the school, I received a call from the children that they are safe,” said a mother named Juan on CBS2, Jessica Layton.

At the height of the shooting, dozens of shots were fired when police hid the suspects near Martin Luther King Drive and Bayview Avenue. Officers carrying tactical equipment and long weapons invaded the scene in armored vehicles. New Jersey state police said they had deployed dog units, bomb squads, aviation units and tactical squads, among other resources on the scene. The NYPD Emergency Services Unit has also been mobilized.

“They caught me in a one-way street with a lot of cars and I wondered why nobody moved.” And suddenly I heard it. All the shots began. The shots began to sound. When I heard it, I see people running. I got out of the car and I see ducked cops and cops leaving, “said Brian Clark.

“And I wonder why the hell?” Then I got out of my car and saw it, and I heard it – pow pow pow pow pow – and then I realized that I was shooting … I never heard so many shots in my life, it was like I was in a war zone “, Clark added.

“We were ready for lunch and suddenly we heard a lot of shots,” said a witness named Carlos on CBS2, Alice Gainer. “I heard more than 200 shots.”

Governor Phil Murphy and President Donald Trump were informed of the incident.

The Jersey City Medical Center was blocked due to the shooting.

New Jersey Transit police reported that the Hudson Bergen light rail was suspended in the area, as well as all bus services at the West Side branch. The New Jersey Turnpike exit ramps on Interchange 14B were closed due to the incident.

“Today is a horrible day. The officers have been attacked and we have several wounded. Our hearts are heavy and the violence is not over,” the New Jersey State PBA tweeted. “We need prayers.”

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