2020 NBA Draft: LaMelo Ball pleads in favor of the national team n. ° 1

For in recent years, Scouts and NBA headquarters have been skeptical of LaMelo Ball’s prospects in the 2020 project. First, his brother, Lonzo Ball, struggled to influence two. seasons in the NBA. Second, LiMelo is the son of LaVar Ball, a professor of promotion, and regardless of the connection between the former Ball and the NBA, the NBA people tend to approach with caution.

But explorers and leaders have failed to hide the emotion of how the last ball was developed. It’s not just his size, which is huge for a shipowner: Ball seems to be 6-7 or 6-8 at the 2020 NBA draft finish. It’s also the way his game was developed.

“He’s already an elite pin,” said a reception officer at Heavy.com. “He has great vision, he has great creativity, he looks a lot like his brother. He is probably ahead of his brother’s. But then you add the size and some of the other skills, and he’s obviously an exciting player. He is also a better shooter than his brother. He will be in the mix for the first general election. ”


Lonzo Ball was selected as the second Lakers in 2017. LaMelo Ball, who played for a few minutes during a professional season in Lithuania during what would have been his third year of high school, was with the SPIRE Institute in Ohio the next year. past

He plays in the NBL of Australia this season with NBA’s best prospect, R.J. Hampton, and it was impressive at a tournament in Tasmania this weekend.

LaMelo Ball is already downloading workbooks
After his weekend broadcast, ESPN moved Ball, number 24 on his board, to number 3.

In fact, Ball thinks he has the title for first place and his search for number 1 in the 2020 project could be clouded by the fact that he plays in Australia. But there is no election by consensus number 1 and there are some candidates for the post, Deni Avdija (Israel) and Theo Maledon (France), who are part of the group.

The strongest candidates in the NCAA are the great men Isaiah Stewart of Washington and James Wiseman of Memphis, as well as the escort Anthony Edwards of Georgia.

The ball will be helped by the fact that he finally plays basketball credible and organized. Although the NBL is not an important international league, it has grown and its program to attract young NBA prospects have attracted the attention of the NBA headquarters.


In the end, the race for the first team in 2020 will probably have to wait for the draw of the lottery in May. The next project is loaded with bases and any team that lands, the team must have the opportunity to benefit from a player like Ball.

But as far as shipowners are concerned, Ball is at the top of the list. “This is a talented field,” said the executive. “But he has the greatest potential.”