“20/20” revisits the night Roy is “dead” at Siegfried & Roy ‘s show

Siegfried & Roy 's show, "20/20" revisits the night Roy is "dead"
Siegfried Fischbacher, left, stands next to Roy Horn as they introduce one of their tiger cubs, June 12, 2008, in Las Vegas. (Jason Bean/Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Siegfried & Roy are once again the national headliners.

The duet appears at the premiere of the 20-hour season of ABC’s “20/20” television program, with new interviews on the night of their show’s closing. Dramatically, one of the doctors who treated Roy Horn says that the legendary artist “deflated” a few minutes after being dragged out of the stage by the big cat Mantecore in October 2003.

“In fact, it faded … or died,” said Dr. Jay Coates, a trauma surgeon at the university’s medical center, who operated on Horn right after the incident. “We lost vital signs in him.”
The show will be broadcast at 23:30. Saturday in Las Vegas. It is broadcast throughout the country at 21h. This match was reported on the cover of the Los Angeles Vegas Golden Knights / Kings NHL pre-game tonight at T-Mobile Arena.

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Siegfried & Roy, Producers of “20/20” filmed the two-hour special in segments over the summer, ending only two weeks ago. The duo of superstars are interviewed on the show, with Penn & Teller; Lance Burton; Criss Angel Lynette Chappell (duo’s confidante and “Evil Queen” on stage); Steve Wynn, owner of the Mirage during the S & R record race; and famous show producer Kenneth Feld. (Her was also interviewed for the special).

Siegfried & Roy, The program also covers the duo’s career since arriving in Las Vegas in the late 1960s, through his performances on the Strip at “Lido de Paris” in Stardust, “Beyond Belief” at the border and 13 years in The Mirage The series was constantly selling when Mantecore bit Roy’s neck.

Dr. Allan MacIntyre, general surgeon on duty the night Horn was taken to UMC, recalls: “They do not tell you they will bring a celebrity.” They say we have … a male patient who has been bitten by a tiger in respiratory distress. They will say that this is a class 1 activation, which means everyone is in the trauma room. ”

Doctors at the Level I Trauma Center quickly discovered Horn’s unusual injuries, including neck perforations.

“A tiger bite in the neck … we do not see this as a bullet wound on a daily basis, so you do not know what to expect,” said MacIntyre, adding that the damage caused serious internal bleeding and sickness. Horn airway. ”

“You must first fix this problem,” said MacIntyre. “If you do not breathe for more than three minutes, you will have irreversible brain death.”

“Roy was so distressed by his airways (loss of airways) that his heart stopped several times,” said MacIntyre.

Siegfried Fischbacher also recalls: “They told me that I was clinically dead.”

The program shows Roy’s long and continuous rehabilitation.
“You literally have to come back to, like when you were a baby, and learn to walk again and talk again and swallow, and I think it was Horn’s impulse that helped him overcome that. , “MacIntyre he said.

Siegfried & Roy remain almost inseparable, even today, making personal appearances in the city during charity events and production shows. In an interview for “20/20”, sitting with Roy by his side, Siegfried said: “If I had to redo everything, I would do it all the same way.”